What is virtue anyway?
Is the epitome of being a good person
to never swear and never fuck?
Is that all virtue requires of us?
Pseudo-Christian social control,
Lingual restraint and sexless utopia?
When did the measure of man become
A negative externality
Instead of sweat-shared sweet tastes
Of love-shared ecstasy?
Political motives and language we hide behind
The light charms of old Psalms
Never taken seriously
Words chanted in ceremony
Eternity measured negative laws and
Wars being fought for non-existent cause.
Does virtue require of me
Hours spent on knees
Praying to a God in whom I try to believe?
The measure of woman (dependant on her
femininity, piety and socially constructed virginity)
Never to be the pressure of her lips
And the love that they give
Unless they’re painted red and filmed and sent
To men shadowed behind screens, lonely nights, subscription fees.
Virtue lies dormant, rotting in the drawers
of pious attendees Sunday irreverence,
Mocking the poor, the widows and orphans
While pouring Fair Trade coffee for righteously clean reverends.
But now, I want
Smooth-skin hot-breath toe-curling intimacy,
Chest-to-chest, mouth-to-throat, hot vulnerability.
I want a
Beauty-in-suffering, redemptive philosophy
A God that will listen to me
Despite the fact that I fuck and still worship thee.
Because I’m sure that virtue is more than this;
More than censored letters and hidden desires,
More than her oppression and his depression and myriads of
Of Sunday salutation and distant spires.
I’m sure Jesus said it enough -
May we never fear and always love.

1 comment:

  1. My faith rests on your lips
    When we kiss, I spill all over the floor
    Out come my flaws

    I love you more when you wear red
    I know fullness when we share a bed

    Saturated lips, and shivering fingertips
    Taste becomes memory as I ride to work
    My Faith ran out of the ink on those pages

    My passion, like fire blazes
    Ours, like sweat glazes

    Palatable prayer as my hand holds yours