I surrender.

Three words that hang heavy in my heart,
that struggle for release yet catch on my tongue;
I realise now
after a lifetime of servitutde
the God I served wasn't you.
And now in this lonely place
as the ashen night glides over silver-line skies,
Orion kisses the day good bye
and my yearning for those three words spills over my heart
and on to my lips;
"I surrender all."

Though I know not who you are,
though we have met truly but a few times...
they say you are full of power,
they say you are true,
they say you are a quickened spirit,
that makes all things new.

If this is so,
will you have me?
Would you heal a lopsided girl,
broken for love found and lost,
hoping for resurrection,
who's heart scrapes the asphalt
alongside a weeping man?
I've heard of your deeds,
those suffered for my heart.
Will you coax those little words from me?
Surrendering, a faltering start.

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