I am worth more than the children I bear.

I wrote this poem about a year ago, then forgot about it until I stumbled upon it today. Women and (dis)empowerment is a topic particularly close to my heart. Interestingly enough, finding this poem again coincided with discovering a clip of this spoken word poem by Katie Makkai. Her words contain so much power.

     I am worth more than the children I bear;
     there is no weakness presupposing me
     no male superimposing
     is worth more 

     than the world would like to care.

     I am worth more than the length of my hair;
     more than the length of my dress
     or the cling of my shirt
     or the state of undress
     you imagine. 

     At the least,
     I am above
     being below.

     For she comes to life, lives in strife and bears the strikes
     only to fear her death, for who will remember?
     She was only a wife.
     The children we give life to?
     Tell them baby, you gotta fight right through
     to the end.

     And if I had a little girl,
     I’d tell her all about this world…
     This world that claims her worth
     as diamonds and pearls,
     yet smirks, lips curled
     in disdain.

     Oh, it sure ain’t fair!

     But I’d tell my baby not to fear
     her golden eyes will open wide,
     fingers stretched, arms alive.
     ‘Cause she’ll be worth
     more than the children
     she bears.


  1. Absolutely beautiful. I am so glad you shared this. It has touched the very depths of my heart. You have made my day, my week, my easter.

    1. Aw Denae, I am so glad. I miss you, beautiful woman! Happy Easter xx