There are moments that slip by. As they pass in front me, casting their shadow upon where I stand, I strain to imprint them upon my memory. But these moments are rare moments, they are transient moments, they are hidden moments. So when I return to my quiet place and attempt to put pen to paper, they are gone. Wisps of a memory, tugging at my heart strings but not quite able to jump off the tip of my tongue.

However, sometimes...sometimes I am lucky. For a split-second that moment of bliss, that ethereal experience of a life force beyond recognition, a common soul, jumps in to my heart and I remember how it tasted. 

Twinkling lights across a body of shifting water.

A reminder of home and belonging.
The wind whispering on my ear as I cycle along the oceans edge.
Dirty hands plunged in to life-giving soil.
The cobwebs of the day blown away by a Westerly gale.
Sunshine warming every inch of skin.
Trembling hands.
An intake of breath.
A swaying flame and a soft-spoken prayer.
Shared laughter over steaming bowls.

I remember how it tasted, and it tasted so sweet.

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  1. Haha maybe you need an Instagram or Twitter account to imprint these memories in real time :P