{gratitude} lately

Too often, I focus only on the negative. But in actual fact I am abundantly blessed. Lately I have been grateful for;

This wonderful girl who is both a sister, a best friend, and a partner-in-crime. So proud of her achievements and so in love with her heart.

This little city thatI have grown to love it for the sunshine and the joy it brings, along with the gale-force winds and the life lessons. I am also so grateful for the beautiful community it contains. 

My wonderful parents who taught me who to be and how to love.  

The joy of nature and torturing oneself only to reach the top of a mountain. "O Lord, how majestic is Your name on all earth!"

A small reminder of the big issues.

The whispering promise of summer and the loyalty of those who love me. 

 The surging love I feel for this little man and the hopes and dreams he is yet to fulfill.

What are you grateful for?

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