A slightly different vibe.

Tomorrow...I cease to be a teenager. I am desperately trying to listen to as much Take That and Jesse McCartney as possible whilst dreaming of the Baby Sitters Club, remembering when it was still cool to crimp your hair and wishing that the dentist was still free. Rugrats, Recess, Fresh prince of Bel Air, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dunkaroos, Jelly shoes, Chatter Rings, Tamagotchi, flare jeans and platform shoes, choker chains and midriff tank tops. Oh the golden days...once upon a time, I was walking down the road in bare feet to get a Bubble O'Bill at the dairy and singing 'The Tide is High' at the top of my lungs. Now I am growing up, never again to experience the wonder that is fairy bread and fish and chips on the beach, climbing to the top of the the Tor and getting the hems of my acid wash denim jeans bejewelled so that they will flash and gleam in the assembly performance of the Ketchup Song. But, despite having to look in to the bright and promising future without fear or hesitation...this song will always play in my heart.

Au revior, les enfants.

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