C'est la vie.

Sometimes I feel like life should be gathered in a series of snapshots. Because all we are, after all, is but a moment in time. And after that moment in time, everything changes. 

Bright golden flowers decorating a grey stone wall.
Feeling the rain falling on my smile under a dark and glistening sky.
The warmth of tea and friendship.
A single tear shining in the sunlight.
Spinning around and around with a laughing, grubby two-year old clinging on to me.
A split-second of dizziness as I breath in the too-cold air.
A toothless smile from an ex-gang leader.
Guitars strumming in the afternoon yellow.
Watching a little girl in a clean purple dress play with a little girl in rags.
The voice of memory under blue sky.

We live in a continually shifting world, yet we forget how to be thankful for the moments of beauty we witness. We forget the colours, and the smells. The pure gladness that we can taste when we think, "This, is the moment." We live in a rushed world, full of impatience and dissatisfaction. And we wonder why we are stressed, why we are unhealthy, why we are tired. Is it not because we fail to understand that now, this moment, is all we have? That to strive is to chase after the wind? No other moment will exist but the present. When we get to the end, what will we see when we look back? We will see he tangata, he tangata, he tangata. 

May I never fail to appreciate the taste of laughter on my tongue. May I never rush past a person and fail to stop, bend down, and gift them with a smile. May I never regret a conversation, resent a word, or reduce a person to their mere utility. May we always find treasures in out interactions, Love in our relationships, and joy in the moments which make up our existence. May we be thankful for the miracle that is the present.

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