I am so ANGRY. 

We may not be a nation afflicted with a corrupt government or HIV/AIDS epidemics such as Africa or other third-world nations, but it is plain ignorance, or arrogance, to claim that NZ "has no poverty." As a first world nation, to have over 200,000 children living in conditions that condemn them to poor health/education/living conditions is unacceptable. And  it breaks my heart.
I am a Law and Development Studies student, blessed with education and a wonderful and reasonably well-off family in Auckland. Yet in Wellington I have friends who sleep in the night shelter and struggle to afford meals. My friends are not lazy, or criminals. But they have been dealt a terrible hand, made some mistakes, or just been oppressed in a society where the underclass are rarely considered. And I don't really see what our government is doing to help them find warm homes and regular meals. Most of the help these people receive are from NGO's or non-profit organisations; they get little sustainable help from the government. Yet there are still people that claim that NZ is unaffected by poverty. "Go see what it's like in India, or Cambodia, or Africa," they say. So perhaps we are affected in a different way...it is ridiculous to say that NZ isn't affected by poverty when the facts plainly tell us that we are - our Gini index (which measure the level of inequality present in a nation) is higher than the global average, which means that although we have significantly wealthy citizens, we also have an unacceptable level of poverty as well. As a nation, and as whanau, we need to grow a pair, accept that there are kids growing up with no choice but to beg, borrow or steal what they can to survive, and DO something about it as opposed to ignoring the issue or, worse still, talking but not acting.

How is this so hard??

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    But seriously, surely with National in Govt again it just means the church needs pick up sack.