Today is one of those days that motivate you to have the best intentions, but ultimately, nothing productive is done come 6:21pm.
Carrot cake has been made, flatmates birthdays have been organised, essays remain unwritten. Monday is my Sunday.
This weekend was strange. Beautiful, relaxed, lonely. Isn't it funny how we can be surrounded by people constantly, yet still feel so alone, consistently?

Letting my walls down is the hardest thing I have ever been asked to do. It's a constant raging sea...often I am basking in the warm waters, being held up in euphoria. And then, the storm rages and I struggle not to instantly grab my lifeboat, reminding myself that the storm will wane; that I am not alone and unprotected. I am loved. You'll be ok, Liv. You are brave.

Women have finally been given the right to vote in Saudi Arabia. 111 years after New Zealand passed the Electoral Act. A few months ago I wrote a blog post about gender inequality in NZ...despite the clear inequalities we still face, I think I tend to forget how blessed I am to be living in a country so full off opportunity. Far out...Saudi women can't even drive yet, or go out without a male chaperone. Yet here I am, owning my own car, living in the city by myself, free from the oppression so many women, children, men face daily around the world. Why is that so easy to forget?

I miss home.

This breaks my heart. But seriously...NZ is"developing a brown social underclass"? More like Europeans have created a brown underclass. Colonisation, not to mention the 'pepper potting' policies of the 60's and every other example of abjection and urban revanchism seen in our country, has shoved Maori and PI communities to the corners of society, and only now we complain and write Herald articles on it?

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