I love spring! The flowers are out, the air is crisp, the water a silky blanket over the harbour, the frost in the mornings melts away in the sunshine...
I love that the tui sing more at this time of year. That the flowers are blooming, that the mornings are fresher, that when I walk to my classes I feel my nose go pink in the cold, yet I close my eyes and the sun warms me from the inside out.
I love the little tufts of grass that peek out from under the tired, grey pavement, hoping to catch a glimpse of the light. I love that coffee tastes richer, that eggplant are back in season, that the Sunday morning vegetable market is back in full swing!
I love that when I go home for the holidays, I will be able to hear the sound of the lambs calling out to their mothers echo across valley. That I will be able to lie in the grass, smelling the earth, listening to the bees in the gorse. That I will be able to dive in to the water, swim to the rafts, and bask in the sounds of my river...

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