Sometimes I just wish I was super cool and could do more than an ollie on a skate board.

Chet Baker has accompanied me in my non-productive evening...I come to the conclusion that heroin, whilst being a destructive class-A drug, must have done something for Chet, seeing he has produced such fantastic music.

What is it about 1950'S skaters and wearing long white socks with stubbies? I remember in form 2, that was a fashion, but Mum refused to let me wear it cause it look too trashy...good one Mum, I can thank you for that now.

$250 million in a conservation fund co-managed by the four Tainui tribes and the NZ government to go towards the restoration and preservation of the Waikato River. About time we healed something, if anything.

Do you think in 10 years, we'll look back and think "Life is good"?

I hope Jesus wakes us up. Restoration.

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