Kia ora.

I have never been so proud to be a New Zealander.

The Rugby World Cup 2011, New Zealand. We just put on the most fantastic opening ceremony, and the All Blacks are about to kick off against Tonga for the first game of the Cup. I  cannot breathe for excitement.

The thing that gets my heart racing is the beautiful display of unity amongst us Kiwi's. The ceremony has been full of displays of Maori culture, with haka, karakia, and for the first time in 21 years, a fleet of 26 waka paddling in to the Viaduct harbour. For once, we are celebrating and displaying the culture that is New Zealand's, the culture of the people that came before us. And we are one, hosting the greatest event in NZ history!

Looking at this video, my heart pounds for Auckland. My home. It is truly beautiful! It's strange, thinking that in 20 or so years when my kids ask me where I was in 2011 when NZ hosted the Rugby World Cup, I will say..."I was flatting in a little box of an apartment in the centre of Wellington City that year, rugged up from the cold wind with my flatmates, screaming at the TV and crying during the New Zealand national anthem." I wonder where I will be whilst saying that....

Hopefully, making a difference. being Jesus' hands and feet. Empowering the powerless. Loving someone, and being loved. Maybe with a bub or 6! Who ever knows...either way; I had doubts as to whether NZ could do the World Cup justice, but we have exceeded expectations. America isn't the only overly-patriotic country in the world this month!

Love from, the greatest little country in the world.

update: We won the first game against Tonga. Chyeah, that's right.

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