Persistent love.

Jesus is on the street. And I am humbled.
The people who I have previously shied away from...they are the people that are teaching me about the beauty of the kingdom.

William Blake. "Joy and woe are woven fine, A clothing for the soul divine.Under every grief and pine runs a joy with silken twine
." Blessed are the persecuted...for they will receive the kingdom of God.

This mysterious, light-filled, dangerous, gentle, full, loving, sacrificial, holy, broken, noble, brave, selfless, compassionate, generous, steady, challenging man. Jesus. He stirs my soul in ways that I can not even imagine...he pierces the deepest parts of my heart and wakes up emotions I never knew I had. Rage at the injustice I witness. Pain at the rejection of light. Grief at the loneliness permeating our society.
And the healing of my spirit, reconciliation with His spirit, and the spirits of His people.

"Having made us in His image, God longs that we should share in His love. Yet, by and large, we have turned our backs on him; we ignore and reject his love, and, as a consequence, so often ignore and reject one another. Since love will never force itself on unwilling people, He watches us fall away from Him and from each other; He see's us resenting, hating, fighting, and killing one another. He sent His Son that there may be 'peace on earth', but we will not have this man reign over us. So, mistrust, confusion, bitterness and war pollute the face of the earth...
When Jesus weeps for His body, the church, that is torn, wounded and broken, can we be unmoved if we are truly His disciples?...
Until the church can unitedly manifest their wisdom, power and love for God, the world remains captive to the powers of darkness, and the Devil and all his children mockingly taunt, 'Where is your God?'.... It is when we are able to overcome evil around us with persistent love that the kingdom of God will be seen to be greater than the kingdom of this world." (Discipleship. David Watson, 1981)

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