I haven't written a blog post in a while...I think I am definitely feeling more contemplative and less vocal about my thoughts lately. Perhaps winter is not only forcing my body in to hibernation, but also my mind? 
This last week has been the coldest week I have ever experienced...in my life. Most of New Zealand had some form of snow or hail falling, which is hardly ever the case, and here in Wellington it was like a winter wonderland! Absolutely beautiful. This video of Cuba Mall (down the road from my flat) is so good...Debussy himself is my hero. Do you ever wonder if you'd be friends with someone like that if you were alive 200 years ago?

I'm going up to Hamilton for a few nights this Sunday, and then home for a week over the study break. I need it...I have been walking through the last few months in somewhat of a daze. I went to coffee with a friend the other day, and he said to me; "You have to realise, the only moment that exists is NOW. There is no point saying that you'll do this when uni is finished, or that when you are free, because the only moment you will ever have to do anything is is this moment, right here. Now."

I don't want to miss now. The tingling of my fingers in the cold. The flowers that hide amongst the ice. The hum of an airplane, my breath freezing in the air, the anticipation of Sunday. The deep cracks in the pavement full of moss, the way my feet read each other as the walk left, then right. The gift that is this moment.

Gandhi said "I do not want to foresee the future. I am concerned with taking care of the present. God has given me no control over the moment following."  
How do we surrender ourselves to the present like this? What is God's grace worth in each of those moments, where we realise the whispers within out soul, and embrace it without fear?
Those are the questions that I hold, unanswered.

And on a completely unrelated point...

I think I have found my soul-mate. S'more Pie. Oh sweet, sweet love, I am so ready to devour you.

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