Temporary Psychosis.

Exam time always makes me...disillusioned.
So, in an effort to be as focussed and retain as much common sense as possible, as my mother tried (unsuccessfully) to do, I am setting short term goals!
How exciting and proper of me.

1. Get at least 8 hours sleep a night.
2. Stop counting the minutes until I fly back to Auckland for two and a half weeks.
3. Develop a stress-relief technique.
4. Pass law.
(a) Study most likely needed as a sub-goal in order to achieve this primary goal.

So those are my goals...in relation to 3, I've found that putting on my bright yellow flannel pajama pants and ugg boots, lying on the couch and listening to Norah Jones helps. Breathe, in, and, out, and....stress gone! Occasionally replaced by a deep fear of failure and inadequacy. In that situation, refer to Jesus. He's really my only hope now. Number 4 relies primarily on number 3, which is inextricably linked to 4(a). All of which are hampered by my inability to stop daydreaming about number 2, which takes up time which is valuable to number 1.

In conclusion...please Jesus help me to not spontaneously lose my mind to legislation and jurisprudence and comparative law and law reform and political ideologies and constructivism and the Enlightenment and the crap that is not purely, passionately, beautifully, YOU.

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