[truhst] -verb. 1. to have confidence; hope.
to rely upon or place confidence in someone or something.

It is so hard to trust, when so often we feel let down.
The thing is...lately I've found myself clinging on to whatever hurts that I have, refusing to let them go, refusing to give them to Jesus, my supposed Savior. I have refused the one true Savior, opting instead to try to save myself.
And I let myself down.

How can I cry out to God, "I want to trust in You!" when in actual fact, I have given Him nothing to work with? I just keep trying to control everything myself, control the future, wish on the past.

Confidence. To have confidence; hope. I trust in God and God alone. I have confidance in His holiness, in His strength. I hope in His love and His wisdom...
I just have to stop trying to keep controlling it all myself.

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