Take a deep breath...

and jump in.

In 10 days I will be changed.
In 10 days I will be gone in to the windy place that is Wellington!

It's strange to think that this move is what I have basically based my life around for the last 4 or 5 months...actually, more like 7. Isn't it funny how our home dictates so much about us? And now my home is changing, and somehow I feel that to a degree I will change myself because of that.
Well of course I'll change. That goes without saying, but I would hope that there are things that never change about me. I hope I always retain my core calues and traits. For who are we if we don't cling on to some sort of continuity within the constant tumultous ride of change?
I for one pray that I will always be awed by the ocean.
That I will never fail to choke up in reverence for that which God made.
That I will always be passionate about this earth.
And passionate about our lives.
That I will always hate banana's.
And love watermelon.
I hope that I cling on to my dreams.
And travel in 5 years.
I hope that I will always be able to read music and play none of it.
And I hope that I cling on to the one constant in this huge world...Christ. In me, He is my life, my hope, my love.