Hello 2011

So it has been a while! And now it is a new year, 2011, and I intend to enjoy it.

Looking back on my blogs, they're rather pensive, aren't they? Which is funny, because if you know me at all, you will know that pensive is not a word that would naturally pop out to describe me...I've come to the conclusion lately that I have shadow-personalities, or an alter-ego, which come out in things I do, expressing not just the insane, bubbly, crazy side of me, but the more thoughtful, quiet, aware part of me. Like my music. It is so chill! I love reggae, acoustic, vocal-ey mellow stuff...it's like my mind spins so much that my music is my escape to relax and just...AHHHHH. It's to run away to and process, because otherwise, I cant internally process anything!

So my New Years resolution for this blog is to be more 'me'. To not be so serious, to express my love and writing and passion, but to also process and talk. I don't know if that makes sense?

And it's all go to move to Wellington in 5 weeks, and I'm excited! I'm studying Law and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Development Studies...should be intriguing! My aunty got me a pot plant to put in my new flat, and for Christmas from Mum I got a big woolly blanket to keep me warm against the freezing winds of Welly! Cute aye. I'm really hoping that my new flat mates will be as keen to create something beautiful in our home as I am...to be honest I'm a bit worried that they won't, whereas I would love an intentional community-type thing to just blossom. But God has these things sorted and I'm sure he has plans to be exciting no matter what!

I went away over New Years with a huge group of people to Ruakaka, up north, and got ridiculously burnt. I just realised how lucky I am to know so many beautiful people, and how sad it will be to leave them! My family and I are going up north to Waipu, our annual camping spot, for a week on Monday. I am so excited! There is something about family holidays that is just beautiful! So much fun, it should be great. BBQs, sand, sun, the zipping of tents in the morning as you wake up, whats not to love??

But until then, my new Years resolution is this- to go deep, not wide, with my relationships - to squeeze everything I possibly can from them, to bless others and to live them like crazy, and to make the most of these gorgeous people before I leave them to go and adventure.