Where did the year go??

It is my last day of Intermission today. Wow.

Our small class of 10 have spent the year together. We've laughed, cried, argued, discussed the meaning of worship, the pain of poverty, the brokeness of the world, and who we are to God. We've lived together, lived apart, we are whanau. And now we are parting after a year living in each others pockets.
Isn't it interesting how we humans are so relational, so dependant on one another? I am sure I've touched on this in one of my other blogs. But it's so, so obvious that God is a God of community, a God of relationship (he is 3 beings in one, after all) and we are such mirror images of that! Its truly beautiful.

So my year is coming to a slow and sunny close, and I am surprisingly not sad. Perhaps it's because I am looking forward to going away with the crew for a week after we've finished anyway, so I don't really think that it's goodbye...which it's not, anyway. But still...365 days have wizzed by ridiculously fast! Oh and the things that have happened! Who would have thought??

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