first of october

Wake up. What to do? A new month perhaps means the loss of the last month. And all its plans and structures and things.

I had a dream. about men who were reaching out to me and wanting my warmth and children covered in paint and lovers about to get their hearts broken.

I've had  shift. I sat to to pray. "God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" A seemingly never-ending nothingness that stretched for miles and ended in the coldness of my heart. Because my head lay down across that road and thought it out and wrote an essay but my heart was left on the sidewalk, slowly petrifying as time flew by.
So I had a shift. Heart to heart, head to heart. "God , my God, remember and hold me in my petrified state."

Victoria university has thousands of applications a year. I worry that mine is in no way unique. Hello. My name is Olivia. 3 words about me? Hmmm...Passionate, Communicative, Perceptive? Please give me somewhere to live!
Victoria University, Central House, I NEED you. Please Jesus!

My weary smile lights up in some instances when I think of...

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  1. passionate, Coummunicate, Perceptive.... Creative, talented - much!