I'm back at uni now after 3 weeks mid-semester break. My beautiful friend Sonya shared her life story to us. She holds on to such strength and dignity, Sonya does. She is inspiring. And then my passionate lecturer Mick was talking to us about relationships and friendships and and I thought...who are these people to me?

I think that we live so widely. Dozens and dozens of friends, Facebook friends we've met once, we never really appreciate the exquisite beauty of the people we love dearly. We just admire them in passing as we approach someone else new and exciting. My best friend has been in Canada for 4 months now, and she is returning in 2 days. I talked to her on Skype tonight (instead of doing this urgent assignment due soon) and I realised how valuable history is. WHen someone not only knows you. But your soul. And they see it.

The say your eyes are the windows to your soul. Is this true? I've always been quite slow to trust. But I like the concept of someone being able to see your soul through your eyes. I guess its quite liberating for someone who doesn't like to put her soul out there...it means I don't have to make the effort, except to look at someone.

How deep can we see the river running through the eyes, though?