The beginning.

Today is a good day.
Today my friend Sonya inspired me to start a blog. Sonya is one of those people that make you smile. Well, she always make me smile. And she is also ridiculously...aware? It's something I admire about her.
Today I gave a little girl without her dad a scone. And she gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen. I think I came out better off...

Isn't it interesting that 'today' is an idea that never ends? As 'a day' is always TODAY. Which really renders "live for today, not tomorrow" useless, seeing as tomorrow is really just today, and "tomorrow is a new day" is but an endless possibility that will only be manifested in a new today...

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  1. Oooh I like your blog already ;)

    You'll have to explain on Monday what you mean by aware.. I think Rach is very aware, and I'm trying to learn off her :)

    Love you Olivia :) xx