float in the dinghy
star pricked rivers
your bottle of wine
tips me overboard



I'm trying to write my assignment. It needs to be done by tomorrow night...
Deborah in the Book of Judges. Feminism and betraying the generational culture and social displacement.

I took Bass (youth group) off tonight too, in the hopes of maybe achieving something - either a pass in my block course or some sort of mental/spiritual stability. So far? Not happening.

I found a cool verse though? One of those little nuggets of gold...Psalm 73:26;
"My body and my heart may grow weak, but

God, you give strength to my heart."


The caged bird sings.

Living the good life...

I'm staying at my godmother's house...her and my mum have been friends for years and our families have grown up together. Her kids are the same age as my sister and I, plus Sophia, who's 14. Tom and James, her sons, are at Canterbury Uni studying. Because Rob and Pete live in Greenlane West and its 10min. from Carey, I'm staying here one night a week to hang with Soph while Rob and Pete can go out, and to just make travel easier.

The thing that gets me is how they live! Amazing, beautiful people. Lovely, so lovely! A doctor and a counsellor/house-wife. And their house is amazing ! Old, big, huge, renovated, tragically beautiful. A mini-mansion in an incredible location...

But the difference that Intermission, and God, has made in me in the last few weeks is that I feel uncomfortable being here. Its so generous that Rob and Pete have opened their lives to me, but...what about all the people that aren't in feather beds tonight? Or the kids who are live in 2-room flat with a family of 7? What about the homeless who aren't warm, the kids who didn't get lasange for dinner, the families who's house's are a ticking time bomb of infection or decay or even just emotional turmoil?
I think that this is what I've gotten out of the last little while. Before, I would have revelled in this comfort with no second thoughts. But now I am SO AWARE of what Jesus wants to be done - I am so aware that there are orphans, widows, broken people out there that are not as blessed as me !
"Freely you have received, freely give." Matt.10:8b

Jesus is so much more real to me now.
I can't stop thinking about the brokenness that I am called toward...


you phase my head.

 a million thoughts and emotions colliding at once.
"May those who love him be like the sun, when it rises in its strength." -judges 5:31



Here is a poem I wrote mid-last year...inspired by William Carlos Williams' "The Red Wheelbarrow"...not a favourite, but I love the memory of childhood.

It was a pirate ship,
rocking and rearing
king of the belching seas.

It was a spaceship,
floating galaxies,
exploring a barren worlds.

It was a hideaway,
among the manuka and toi toi,
a refuge from ferocious beasts.

It was Ali Baba’s cave,
a treasure chest to store
5c coins, stolen lollies, cracked marbles.

And now
it rests in the backyard,
bright red paint
rusting in the rain.


The beginning.

Today is a good day.
Today my friend Sonya inspired me to start a blog. Sonya is one of those people that make you smile. Well, she always make me smile. And she is also ridiculously...aware? It's something I admire about her.
Today I gave a little girl without her dad a scone. And she gave me the biggest smile I've ever seen. I think I came out better off...

Isn't it interesting that 'today' is an idea that never ends? As 'a day' is always TODAY. Which really renders "live for today, not tomorrow" useless, seeing as tomorrow is really just today, and "tomorrow is a new day" is but an endless possibility that will only be manifested in a new today...